Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Effective Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Scheduling strategically aligns business requirements and orchestrates operational processes and resources that maximize reliability performance at the lowest possible cost.

Effective aircraft maintenance planning and scheduling must:

  • Optimally balance Marketing’s desire for schedule flexibility with Operations reliability focus and maintain workable fleet routing schedules through established Minimum Maintenance Requirements.
  • Evaluate and redesign maintenance programs and fleet schedules to optimize ground time and eliminate wasted effort arising from poorly sequenced tasks.
  • Plan an evolving, operationally sound maintenance strategy, with clear expectations and processes to manage scheduled and unscheduled requirements.
  • Align A check packages to enhance station productivity and task yield while reducing planning and aircraft routing constraints.
  • Strategically aligned and continuously coordinated efforts between Maintenance Programs, Engineering, Inspection, Technical Training, Engine Planning, Heavy Maintenance Planning, and Line Operations to ensure timely and accurate completion of maintenance activities.
  • Refine and utilize planning and scheduling tools that provided visibility of maintenance requirements, station capabilities and capacity, nightly station workload assignment, task prioritization of work packages, and real time task completion accountability reporting.
  • Evaluate performance measures to ensure processes and operational execution is being managed.
  • Efficiently adjust operational resources and/or planning to support changes in business drivers (i.e. # aircraft, aircraft utilization, etc.) that optimizes asset usage and maximizes resources- labor, materials, hangar slots, etc.